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Help us fully unlock a $20,000 matching gift challenge! When you, and others, give today, every dollar you give is doubled by our matching donor. You can double your impact to help children and families by saying, Match Me! All gifts are matched, dollar-for-dollar. With your donation to Fresh Air Family. You can turn $20,000 into $40,000 for your family.

Your dollars: 

keep up our calendar

Provide Free weekend events

pay for a weekly newsletter read by more than 2,000 people

give scholarships to camp for children who can't afford to come otherwise. 


With inflation rising and families struggling, more parents than ever are asking for financial aid to care for their children while they hold down jobs. Those children receive 40 hours of science education – all geared to teach critical thinking. When children make better decisions in their lives, they prosper, their family prospers and all of us in the community prosper. 


These are some of the requests we have received so far. In 2023, 42.18 % of our campers attended using financial aid, totaling nearly $50,000. Can you help these children and families?









Please help us say YES to families like these:

“I work two jobs in the summer in order to provide extra income for my family.  I understand the lifelong value in camps such as Gross Out Camp. My child loves science and all things dealing with experiments.  I would love a scholarship discount if at all possible.”


“I want to have the kids in a safe, fun, environment that I will be able to afford in order for me to go to work.”


“My daughter is a child that has had a very hard start at life with many obstacles and disabilities. She has overcome so much in her life but the one thing that has always remained is her love for animals and bugs.”


“We are the grandparents. We have custody of 3 of our grandchildren. Only my husband works now because I have stage 4 cancer and I am on disability.”


“We are currently homeless. I don’t tell anyone the reason; it is too embarrassing.”


“I'm a single mother no child support low hours at work and my kids would love to attend that would be right up their alley. They love science and I want them to have this advantage.”


“I have 3 children, siblings that we adopted. We would love for them to come to your camp but cannot afford to pay for all 3. They would absolutely love it!”


“Household has recently grown due to adoption from foster care, extending our family beyond what we were prepared for financially. We are trying to give the children lots of opportunities for exploration, fun, and building relationships to make up for what they have missed previously.”


“I am a single mom raising two young boys. My oldest is 8, my youngest is 5. My younger son has cerebral palsy and autism, so I spend a lot of time caring for him and taking him to appointments and therapists. It is just the 3 of us at home, and my older son Chazz, he just seems to get bored during the summer. He is the one I am applying for. He is such a good, sweet kid, helps his brother out so much, and I honestly just want him to have fun and meet friends. He loves science related topics, and loves doing anything that involves being outside and getting dirty! I cannot afford to send him to many camps, but I would love to find fun ways for him to stay busy this summer, while also continuing to learn.”


“Our house caught fire June 22nd and we’ve been staying in a shelter provided by The Red Cross since then. We need this summer camp and scholarship more than ever now.”


“My husband moved to Alabama and is a coal miner. My daughter loves nature and is a social butterfly.”


“We are not in a financial position to send our son to any activities such as these. However, our son is in the top of his class, in the state gifted program, highest AR points in his school. He is SO smart and eager to learn. Any amount of scholarship would help us.”


Fresh Air Family is a 501c3 tax-deductible charity.

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