Spooky Science Party!

Friday, October 28, 6 pm-10 pm

Cool Experiments, Fun Crafts

Are you prepared to meet Bigfoot?

All summer long, campers chased the elusive apeman but now is your 

chance to see him in person!














Buck Mulligan's Public House, 

2011 Highland Ave. Birmingham


Families welcome -- we will have some  

Spooky Science fun for the kids!


         Wear your own costume and meet some super heroes!


$20 per family, $7.50 per person members

$25 per family, $10 per person non-members


We will be enjoying the season with

Spooky Science experiments,

Music, games, prizes and more!

Buck Mulligan's offers great Irish food -- perfect for this Old Gaelic holiday. Be sure to wear your Halloween costume! 


For more information: Events@FreshAirFamily.org, 205-540-6642

Please let us know you are coming!

For more about the party location: http://www.buckmulliganspub.com