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Data Virtualization:Modernize your AutoCAD installation by quickly and easily analyzing your CAD data for structural integrity. (video: 1:43 min.)Bug Fixes:Improvements to text handling on Windows. Improve the Autodesk Exchange (Exchange) platform (video: 10:48 min.)Autodesk brings together the best available, leading-edge software tools, services, and information in a single destination, providing expert knowledge on design, engineering, and construction. The company’s products enhance productivity, shorten development cycles, and provide the insights needed to create a better world. For more information visit or follow @autodesk on Twitter.You need to be a member of Autodesk community to add comments!Thanks for the great insights. I have been doing some CAD in my spare time on my Mac with Bluebeam, and the only problem I have had is sometimes my files are too large to be included in the Transfer utilities, and a lot of the features in AutoCAD that you've mentioned above are not accessible, yet.I'm sure there is a lot of improvement coming for Mac OS in the future, but I'm very eager for AutoCAD on Windows 10. I've made the switch to Windows 10, and I can't wait to try AutoCAD out on it.While I know that W10 could use a major overhaul, it is at least an improvement on v19 and the Windows Terminal has been improved. One of the things that I found most useful is the new accessibility options. In Windows 10, you can now move the mouse on top of the taskbar to access the task switcher, and you can move the mouse on a screen to move the mouse cursor to that location, which is not available in v19.Finally, I have found that I can now drag my cursor to my start menu and find programs to start. This is an improvement over having to start programs with Windows Explorer.However, I am getting a lot of new Windows Explorer windows in AutoCAD, which seems to be a new start up in AutoCAD. Anyone else have this?Anyways, I have an X2E4, 64 bit computer, running Windows 10. I have installed AutoCAD, W10 and All others are downloaded.New to the forums, had a little trouble getting the welcome, and set up my profile 2be273e24d


AutoCAD [32|64bit]

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