FAF Adventures to Celebrate

Fresh Air Family's 15th Anniversary

Join us for the whole series ending June 6, 2022!

Upcoming Events: 

July 24 at 10 am - Lost World of Dismals Canyon


This natural wonder is one of the oldest primeval forests on the other side of the Mississippi.

A 1.5 mile hiking trail on the canyon floor follows the stream through sky-reaching boulders,

past thundering waterfalls, into a secret world of mossy-green and pearl gray filled with

ferns and giant trees. Its waterfalls, natural bridges, cliffs and boulders give this place a

magnificent splendor. Explore the strange and beautiful labyrinth of caverns, grottos and

small slot canyons formed by massive house-size boulders broken off the towering bluffs

and strewn about by geological events going back to the Paleozoic era - 300 million years ago.

Among the shadows of this primeval sunken forest, you'll see the mysterious sanctuaries

occupied by Paleo, Cherokee, and Chickasaw inhabitants.

Dismals Canyon was used to film a segment for the Discovery Channel documentary

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

Members pay regular admission. Non-members, admission plus a $10 donation per family.

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August 14 - Long Leaf Botanical Gardens and Anniston Museum of Natural History -Mummies!

August 28 - Cathedral Cavern

September 11 - Joe Wheeler State Park

September 25 - Hurricane Creek -- Cullman

October 2 - Oak Mountain State Park - Pelham

October 16 - Cheaha State Park -- Delta

October 30 - Old Cahawba- Orrville

November 13 - Chalk Cliffs and Prairie, Epps

More to come in 2022!

Pitcher Plant Bog

Cane Creek Canyon 

Fossil Hunts

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