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In the Classroom

Many of our field trips and Gross Out Camp programs can be converted to interactive design-thinking

classroom programs. We can also bring in live animal shows.

Ask about our writing programs with an international award-winning professional writer.


Fees are $60 for the first hour, $50 per hour for each same day program. Animals programs start at $100 per hour and $60 per same day/place program. .Email or call 205-540-6642.

Seed Party

  • Your seeds need to survive! How can they disperse across a "river" of tissue paper?

  • Design a way for seeds to travel based on how plants spread.

  • Invent a new way using design-thinking.

  • Using pipe-cleaners, tissue paper, marbles, gloves and more to create dispersal systems.

  • Warning: Disco music has been known to play during this exercise!


Physical Science 5.7

Life Science 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.11, 5.8

Zoo Crew

  • See an animal show with all kinds of gross animals from snakes to lizards to hissing cockroaches!

  • Students can touch and hold these animals for full engagement.

  • Lessons on adaptations, habitats, beak adaptations, and more.

  • We have a program for special needs, even for self-contained classes. 


Life Science: K.3, K4, 1.6, 3.5, 3.11,4.11

Slime Time

  • Science experiments engage the students by making goo/slime.

  • Creating polymers into a slimy mixture. 

  • Students create a solid that can be shaped into a variety of forms.

  • We play the polymer/monomer game. 

  • A second experiment mixes water and sugar to create liquids of varying densities.

  • Each mix sports a different color to demonstrate its density.


Physical Science: 2.1, 2.3, 5.1, 5.4

Reporters at the scene

  • Reporters at the Scene have to create a scene from a list of possibilities, describe it and report on the facts.

  • Work in groups to create a variety of scenarios.

  • Craft a scenario to share with the whole group.

  • After each of the scenarios, each student will write a news story or essay on the events created by the other groups.

  • Focuses on creative story writing, storytelling and factual writing.

  • Taught by an internationally award-winning reporter.

  • Adjustable to ages and grades.

Standards: Vocabulary, Phonics, Comprehension, Creative and factual writing, Interviewing skills, Sequenced events, Explanatory and informative writing, Collaboration.

Word Play!

  • Word Play starts with a list of silly sounding, but real words, that have fallen out of common use, such as bumblepuppy.

  • Work in teams to come up with a definition of the word and must use it in a sentence.

  • After a series of words and definitions are finished, the students will pick words from the list to make up a story. 

  • Teams are scored on originality and how close they come to the original definition.

  • Fun for most ages.

  • Taught by an award-winning professional writer.

Standards: Vocabulary, Collaboration, Creative Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar.

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