Gross Out Camp!

Fresh Air Family offers award-winning Gross Out Camp (It's science, but please don't tell the kids!) and Prepared, Not Scared Camp our life skills class for older children.  

Gross Out Camp
Campers Entering 1st-4th Grade
450 participated summer 2020 -- No COVID!
We kept them outside!
Spring Break Camps at Vulcan

Want to learn about crawdads? Race Roly Polies? How about finding animal tracks? Or making friendsssss with some legless reptiles. It’s science, but please don’t tell the kids!  Enjoy a week of hands-on field biology sure to impress next year's teachers! Fresh Air Family is offering award-winning Gross Out Day Camps in Birmingham, Trussville and Pell City. All in a safe atmosphere, we will see reptiles, bugs, stinky plants and more.


Get excited about seeing the best, the worst, and the grossest wonders nature has to offer! We will be searching for cool crayfish in the creek, enjoying a live animal presentation, and MUCH MORE!


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