Birthday Parties!

Fresh Air Family now offers birthday parties themed around our most popular activities! Fairy Ball, Gross Out Day, Bigfoot Bash, Animal Adventures, Wacky Tacky Party and your creative idea.

You can come to our Cottage at Ruffner Mountain or we can bring the party to you!

Wacky Tacky 
Gross Out
Animal Adventure
Create Your
Own Party

All parties start at $250


Private Cottage Rental for 2 Hours with Kitchenette 

1 Hour Storyteller/Educator for themed party

Accommodations for up to 15 children

(Inquire about more people- if outdoors?)

Want to add an animal program to your party? Add an animal program to any party theme for an additional $150.

Gross Out B'day themes 

Scat & Tracks - This party theme is all about animal scat (poop!), excrements, and tracking.

Choose from hike focused on: 

Animal tracking with scat/track-molds, 

Owls with owl pellets activity,

or Birds with BirdPop Art

Dirty Decomposers - If your guests wanna get their hands dirty, this is the theme for you! Features guided hike focused on decomposers (organisms that breakdown organic matter) and our favorite roly poly race!

Mad Scientists - Bubbling solutions and chemical reactions! This theme made for the maddest of scientists!

Choose 2 of science experiments:

Polymer Party (Slime)

Dry Ice Discovery (Dry Ice bubbles)

Gases and Geysers (CO2 experiments)

DNA Discovery (Strawberry lab)

{add more with and without take home item}

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